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A lot of people have complicated ways of keeping a tmux session going on a remote machine and automatically connecting to it, but all you really need is tmux new -A. This will attach to the default session if it is running, or create it if it is not.

A simple way of doing this automatically is to create an SSH alias like this in ~/.ssh/config:

Host work
    Hostname <work PC IP>
    ForwardAgent yes
    RequestTTY yes
    RemoteCommand tmux -u new -A -s remote

Now when you run ssh work it will connect to your work PC, forwarding your local SSH agent for convenience, and start/attach to a tmux session called "remote".

The only catch is that if you have an up-to-date tmux installed using Homebrew (with the default Homebrew settings), it will be in ~/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin, so the SSH daemon will run the outdated system tmux for you, and then any tmux command in your session will fail with tmux server version is too old for client! To fix this, just symlink tmux into /usr/local/bin.